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Aug 21

iPhone 4 Is Dead and Wont Charge

iphone battery is deadIf you’re iPhone is dead and wont charge, then you have come to the right place. You’re not the only one who has experienced this problem, this actually happens often. If you cannot get your iPhone to charge, instead of connecting it to the wall try connecting it to your computer or laptop with the USB cord and see if that does the trick. Stay away from connecting the USB cord to the keyboard or monitor, instead attach it to the computer itself as it gives out more power. If your iPhone does get a charge but loses its power right away log on to iTunes and see if there are any current updates to the iOS Software. Believe it or not, downloading the most current updates can fix many problems with your phone.

If your iPhone still does not hold a charge, there are a few things you can change in the settings to conserve the battery life. First, check to see whether your Bluetooth is on; if it is, turn it off. You can also set your iPhone to check email less frequently in which will save the battery life as well. The last thing you want to do is turn off the iPhone’s ability to check for WIFI networks if you are not using the internet, this tends to use a lot of battery juice.

Let’s be honest, sometimes these minor fixes won’t help the battery life. Last year I tried making these changes to my iPhone 4 but it still didn’t seem to fix my battery life. My iPhone would be at full charge and a few hours later, it would almost be dead. So one thing that I found to work was restoring the phone in iTunes. While restoring your device you will have one of two options. You can either restore the phone from a backup or restore it as a new iPhone. I recommend restoring it as a new iPhone to eliminate all the problems with it. If you have a lot of music, photos or apps on your device you may want to sync it to iTunes before your restore it so you don’t lose everything.

If for some reason your iPhone battery is still dead then you may have to bring it in to Apple so they can repair it. When you speak with a representative, they will recommend you try all the steps that I discussed above. Just tell the person you’re you already tried that. From there they will figure out what to do for you. Hopefully you have insurance, if you don’t you may have to pay and its usually not cheap. I would definitely recommend getting iPhone insurance if you don’t have it because Apple will charge you an arm and a leg if you are not covered under warranty. You can even check out iPhone insurance plans online for a reasonable price.

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